An Intern's View: How Motus Rx Is Different

After spending my first two weeks in a private, cash-based physical therapy clinic I have quickly come to realize some of the benefits of this model of practice.  Prior to the start of my internship at Motus Rx I was exposed to multiple different physical therapy settings, all of which were traditional insurance based.

Having now seen the cash-based model of practice, I have come to realize the impact insurance can have on the quality of care. In the cash-based model of practice there is less time spent doing paperwork on both the patient and provider ends. This means there is more time for one-on-one interaction between patient and therapist.  Patient goals and outcomes govern the sessions, and time is not restricted by insurance coverage or healthcare system productivity standards.  

  The cash-based model also differs from others because there is not a constant flow of physician referrals like there is in a hospital system.  This means the volume of a therapist’s caseload is not always guaranteed. Success is based on therapist’s performance and patient experience. 

As much as I am sure most patients wish they didn’t need physical therapy, the patients at Motus Rx seem to be genuinely happy to be there, and ready to take an active role in their recovery process.  The nature of a physical therapy cash-based business attracts motivated patients. Goals, treatment decisions, and scheduling are all mutually established between therapist and patient without the influence of insurance policies. 

  In the private practice setting there also seems to be more room and equipment available for therapy sessions.  This allows for unique and advanced exercises, which aids in the course of patient progress and achievement of desired outcomes.

Starting your own business can be a risky decision and is even more intimidating when the product you are selling is yourself. It takes a certain type of clinician to succeed in the self-made private practice model.  They must have the confidence to put themselves out there and self-market, as well as be highly skilled and knowledgeable in the services they offer.  It is important the business owner understands there may be ups and downs throughout the process and be willing to put in the extra hours on occasions when the toilet needs cleaning. 

  Although there can be late nights for the clinician they are ultimately in control of their own schedule. This freedom can however be limited in a young business trying to build a client base, when accommodation of patient schedules takes precedence.  Being a business owner, you decide what services you offer.  A unique aspect of physical therapy that Motus Rx offers is golf fitness and rehab. As a golfer, I have found this especially interesting as well as beneficial to my own golf game. I continue to look forward to the rest of my summer at Motus Rx and the new experiences I will have at this unique physical therapy model of practice.

-Madeline Albers, Motus Rx Physical Therapy Intern/Student-