Healthcare done right, with YOU as the priority!

What to Expect--Every patient has different goals and needs, so all of our appointments are catered to fit what you need.  However, all patients can expect:

  • To meet your goals in fewer visits

  • One-on-One therapy sessions with a Doctor of Physical Therapy, which can last from 30 minutes-2 hours (depending on the type of appointment)

  • Convenient scheduling times (early or late afternoon appointments included)

  • Customized in home exercises and videos

  • Continual re-evaluation of your progress

  • Continual education on your condition and how to avoid injury in the future.

What Makes Us Different--At Motus Rx, we are able to give you the time and attention you deserve, we provide quality and evidence-based treatment, and we are able to save you time by coming to you!  Whether you want to be seen at our location or yours (home, office, gym), we bring our services to you!  We want to get you healthier and happier in a way that is most convenient for you!

Payment and Insurance--Motus Rx is an out of network provider and does not accept insurance, nor do we bill insurance companies.  Why not?  Simply put, we do not want your care to be decided by third party companies.  In our model, we can spend more time with our clients, which equates to more quality, effective care.  We can tailor each appointment to your individual needs and we can provide treatments that last longer than what insurance models would allow.  All of these reasons mean that our patients require fewer visits to reach their goals.  

However, many insurance companies reimburse clients for out of network physical therapy services.  Of course, it depends on your specific insurance plan and your out of network benefits.  We recommend that you contact your insurance company to learn of any reimbursement opportunities.  On our end, we will provide you with a detailed receipt that you can submit to your insurance to receive any reimbursement.  WE ALSO ACCEPT HSA/FSA AND FLEX SPENDING ACCOUNTS!

Bottom line: we truly care about each client's goals, and in order for us to help each client in an individualized, effective, and quality way, this is approach we need to take.  We as a team should be in charge of your plan of care and no one else.