Motus Rx Audio Experience

This podcast is for the active individual who is looking for more information on physical plans, mindset hacks, and knowledge to take a pain to performance transformation.  It will feature guests in varying arenas of health, sport, and wellness as well as our "think out loud" sessions that you will find useful.  Let the experience begin...

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EP 011: You Don’t Have “The Back of an 80 Year Old”

In this episode, Dr. Eric of Motus Rx Physical Therapy discusses the one "thing" that you should do if you hear your practitioner tell you "this" without doing "that."  

Highlights of this episode include:

-What happened with one of Eric's clients that almost drove him through the roof

-What you should really do when you hear you have arthritis that was seen on imaging

-Why imaging really only is helpful a percentage of the time and how it can actually be harming you

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Ep 009: Can we predict your future injury???

This episode of the Motus Rx Audio Experience discusses if it is truly possible to predict a future injury that you may experience. With more and more focus on injury prevention (which is good) we need to be careful about sifting through what's legit and what's fear based marketing for you the consumer. 

In this episode:

-Why your potential injury and wearing a helmet on a motorcycle have a lot in common

-If someone tells you they can predict your injury, do this...

-What a movement screen, physical, injury analysis, "anything" analysis should really do for you...

-What we're offering the rest of this month to help you


EP 007: The Piece of equipment every golfer can't live without

This episode of the Motus Rx Audio Experience has us embarking on our first trip down Golf Performance and Rehab lane! There are a lot of great products out there to help you perform better and score lower.
The problem is many of us don't know about this one most important piece of equipment that trumps all the other pieces of equipment out there.
In this episode...

1. What is the piece of equipment we're raving about and why 27 of the last 30 PGA tour winners are using it?

2. Why in a game of inches, you won't want to neglect this...

3. How club selection, golf course, and handicaps really don't matter if you don't have this tool...
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Ep 006: man to man with an ironman

In Episode 006 of the Motus Rx Audio Experience we host our first guest! Danny Rivers is a 2 time IRONMAN who is currently in the midst of training for his third. In the midst of an evolving life and lifestyle, we discuss how movement and fitness have shaped Danny's life and ultimately led him to be the person he is today.
Things we discuss in this interview include...

1. Wrestling and IRONMAN's...why we can use all of our experiences to improve.

2. You don't have to do an IRONMAN, but just start somewhere damnit!

3. The simple trick that Danny uses when both mental and physical fatigue are setting in to push through.

4. The #1 key to any successful endeavor whether it's fitness, rehab, business or personal growth.

5. Why most people are ok with being comfortable...

We also discuss success tips for taking on any task in your life that seems larger than you'd like.

Hope you enjoy! And thanks to Danny for taking the time out to be our first guest!

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ep 005: The simple thing to prevent pain during workouts/sport

Your 3 weeks into your new training plan, feeling good, and full of energy. Suddenly, during your workout or activity ,without warning, your body takes on a new feeling of pain and your training plan gets shut down.

Was this something that could've been prevented? Maybe not. But what if there was a simple way to make it more likely that it wouldn't happen to you!?

This episode discusses that one simple thing you can do to make it more likely to not have pain during your workout or sport.