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What people say about our services...

Eric has been instrumental in eliminating my back and leg pain through his processes. He has developed not only the ability to relieve some of the muscle pain and tightness through a dry needling process, but just as importantly, has developed an exercise program that focuses on building core strength. In this way, not only are both joint and muscle pain relieved, but strength is established to ensure it doesn’t return. His effectiveness comes through his processes and his coaching. I fully endorse Eric as being highly effective not only in creating change quickly, but in developing longstanding change so that health not only returns, but is maintained.
— Ken, business owner
I needed more shoulder mobility to perform movements efficiently for CrossFit. Stretching and rolling with a lacrosse ball only got me so far. Dry Needling gave me the extra flexibility I needed. It is a game changer! Dr. Wallace has my highest recommendation.
— Jim, CrossFit athlete, Masters division
I am not a high-end, competitive athlete but I do like to push myself and be competitive with myself. Dr. Wallace helped me work on my back problems and my inflexibility and now I feel like I can perform to the best of my ability.
— Julie, Runner and Fitness enthusiast

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To add quality of life through authentic relationships, movement improvement, and performance enhancement to all those we have the privilege of serving with YOUR end goal always being our top priority.


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