One Simple Tweak at Set Up to Relieve Pain, Add Distance

We are constantly trying to find ways to make your swing more efficient, less painful, and more powerful.  Sometimes, we will admit that we bias the "performance" and "fitness" or "rehab" side of things and ask you to do a lot of work to make physical changes that are awesome, BUT they take time.

So, for many individuals who report knee and hip pain as well as generalized low back pain AND/OR are lacking the distance they once claimed, we present the one simple tweak that seems too simple to be even useful if not true.  But, when we break it down into it's components and people actually use can be a great benefit for such a small move in a small amount of time.  

So what is it?


It's increasing the amount of toe out that a golfer takes on in the lead hip.  The lead hip (left hip for a right handed golfer) requires two significant capabilities for an efficient golf swing.  Adequate hip internal rotation and adequate glute and rotator strength of the hip.  If one or neither of these exist, then you may experience knee pain, hip pain, back pain or a frustration with lack of distance.

Want to tell if the toe out set up is a good idea for you or if you should be focusing more on hip mobility, hip strength?  The two assessments below will provide a good starting point for that.


If you have interest in increasing your hip mobility, hip strength or what other body improvements to crush the ball off the tee and stay pain-free, then check out our One Month Online Golf Performance Program here... [click on image to send you to this program].