"What do you want?"

It sounds quite rude, doesn't it?  Almost kind of blunt.  Perhaps a little too much to the point?  The question "What do you want?" probably isn't the first way I would address a potential physical therapy client.  But I also wonder if maybe we couldn't use a little more of this in healthcare.

It's not that I want to kick off our blog series with a controversial topic, but let's at least start off being honest and genuine.  Not everyone is very thrilled these days with how healthcare is going for them.  High premiums, deductibles, and co-pays along with less than stellar care, long wait times and short time slots with providers have lead to a questionable level of care in this country.

And then I randomly came across some marketing material for another provider in this area (and I've seen this more and more and have been more than guilty of it in the past myself).  It contained a lot of information about the provider; education, certifications, specialties, self-interests...all harmless and quite impressive things.  But really what do they offer in light of the consumer's wants and needs...not a lot in my opinion.  It read as more of a who's who of healthcare than a helpful piece of content for someone in the public who's confused about why they're health is trending a certain way.

So where am I going with this?  Well, actually, in light of all of what I've just written above, "What do you want?" sounds like it should become more of a part of our decision making process when it comes to healthcare.  "What do you want?" contains a key element of what we will be offering here at Motus Rx Physical Therapy.  A genuine concern and direct gameplan to help you reach YOUR GOALS.  

  • If you want to run, but you have what is assumed to be arthritis or degenerative changes in your knees, you won't hear "stop running" as a solution to your problem here.  
  • If you have a concern about a certain technique, strategy, or recommendation that we've suggested, you won't hear a defensive tone from us assuming we're always right.
  • You will be listened to and understood before all else.
  • We use our specialty degrees and certifications as a way to enhance your experience and in order to get more efficient results towards your goals.  If we don't feel like we're your best fit, we'll let you know and find someone who is.

These bullets are not all inclusive but signifiantly important in what it means to provide a higher level of care through my eyes.  So what is it really that you want?  Because I will tell you right now that our best moments as practitioners are when we see someone attain and get back what they want.  And that's what the essence of healthcare should be.  

So do me a favor, leave a response in the comments and let us know what you really want from your healthcare practitioner.  Better yet, tell us what your goals are and we can provide some helpful tips or pointers on how to get there sooner.  And if you do call or email, don't be too put off if you hear me ask, "what do you want?"

Yours in health,

Dr. Eric Wallace, DPT