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How Bad is My Back Pain, Really?

This post features a video from our leading physical therapist in Appleton Wisconsin that will help you self-assess really where you’re at with whatever back pain you’re experiencing and hopefully provide you either with confidence or more certainty that it’s time to make a decision regarding your low back pain. This physical therapy assessment is not meant to replace a formal diagnosis or medical evaluation, but does help shed some light on how our sports physical therapists can help provide you top of the line spine physical therapy.

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Squat Goals: ankles, hips, and UPPER BACK?

Many people appropriately have discussed and stressed ankle, hip, glute, and knee health for squatting, but the UPPER BACK is a key component to a healthy squat as well, especially if you're looking to load it up bigtime.  This blog post finalizes our 3 part series on reducing "pinchy" hips with squatting and optimizing your body for good, healthy squatting.  

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