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How Bad is My Back Pain, Really?

This post features a video from our leading physical therapist in Appleton Wisconsin that will help you self-assess really where you’re at with whatever back pain you’re experiencing and hopefully provide you either with confidence or more certainty that it’s time to make a decision regarding your low back pain. This physical therapy assessment is not meant to replace a formal diagnosis or medical evaluation, but does help shed some light on how our sports physical therapists can help provide you top of the line spine physical therapy.

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One of the Most Effective Exercises to Use for Low Back Pain

This exercise is one of the best exercises for low back pain that we seem to prescribe for individuals all the time.  Hip extension becomes incredibly important in the functioning of the low back, even if we don't naturally have a lot of it.  Let us know what you think when you try it!

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Path to Pain-Free: Dry Needling 101

In the latest "Path to Pain-Free" series, we share a Vlog on dry needling.  Dry needling is an incredibly effective strategy for the right individual with muscle, joint, or nerve pain who is sick and tired of pain medication or even fearful that surgery is the last option.  This gives a brief intro into why dry needling works, when it's indicated, and includes a demo.  

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