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One Simple Tweak at Set Up to Relieve Pain, Add Distance

The one simple change you can make with your golf posture/set up position to relieve knee, hip, and back pain as well as potentially add some distance.  

Of course we want you to make the necessary physical changes to improve these things, BUT those do take time.  This simple change is helpful starting now!

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Squat Goals: ankles, hips, and UPPER BACK?

Many people appropriately have discussed and stressed ankle, hip, glute, and knee health for squatting, but the UPPER BACK is a key component to a healthy squat as well, especially if you're looking to load it up bigtime.  This blog post finalizes our 3 part series on reducing "pinchy" hips with squatting and optimizing your body for good, healthy squatting.  

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One of the Most Effective Exercises to Use for Low Back Pain

This exercise is one of the best exercises for low back pain that we seem to prescribe for individuals all the time.  Hip extension becomes incredibly important in the functioning of the low back, even if we don't naturally have a lot of it.  Let us know what you think when you try it!

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One of the Best Exercises for Golf You've Probably Never Tried

This post displays and describes one of the best golf exercises you can perform for spinal rotation specific to your golf swing.  This exercise will help improve distance on your drives, reduce lower back pain potential, and keep your swing path more appropriate for your goals.  

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A Physiotherapist Walks Into a Golf Club Fitting...

A personal story about how the body swing connection come together all in my own experience of improving my golf game.  You'll see real life examples of how physical limitations (even when known) can affect your swing quality, resultant ball flight, and leave you frustrated.  

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The Common Running Injury You Can Avoid Now

The dreaded hamstring strain...unfortunately most runners and athletes have had some form of this in their lifetime.  The good news is that it's preventable.  It just takes a little effort, consistency, and knowledge.  This post sheds light on the common running injury we've worked with and how to prevent it this season.  

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