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Why I Hit My 7 Iron 200 Yards and Lost My Back Pain

Golf is a complex game and hard work and persistence is required to improve. But this detail and potential simplification of the golf swing has helped Eric 100% erase his back pain and had significant distance (without over swinging). Here’s how he found out about it, how he improved it, and why it was like Christmas in May at the Motus Rx Swing Studio!

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One Simple Tweak at Set Up to Relieve Pain, Add Distance

The one simple change you can make with your golf posture/set up position to relieve knee, hip, and back pain as well as potentially add some distance.  

Of course we want you to make the necessary physical changes to improve these things, BUT those do take time.  This simple change is helpful starting now!

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A Golf Expo Pain Report

We just completed our weekend talking to, educating, and "stealing" data from many of the Fox Valley's amateur golfers.  We were looking for interesting information we could use on pain, and I think it's safe to say we got some interesting answers.  

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The Big Reason You're Getting Elbow Pain With Golf

Elbow pain with golf is common.  So common that there is something actually called "golfer's elbow."  However, with further investigation and understanding swing dynamics, we will start to realize that many painful elbow situations with golf are really coming from something else in the swing.  Read on to find out what that something else is AND how it can help you add distance while you get out of pain.

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One of the Best Exercises for Golf You've Probably Never Tried

This post displays and describes one of the best golf exercises you can perform for spinal rotation specific to your golf swing.  This exercise will help improve distance on your drives, reduce lower back pain potential, and keep your swing path more appropriate for your goals.  

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How to Gain 5-10 Yards in 5-10 Minutes (Part 1)

Want to hit the golf ball farther?  Want to learn a good warm up routine that actually helps?  In the 1st post of this series on gaining distance to your game, we talk about a unique way to enhance your golf game that doesn't include any gimmicky products or putting yourself in any crazy positions...but it still might be different or unique to what you're used a good way!

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