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How to Properly Improve Foot Pain

If you’ve had plantar fasciitis, foot pain, or leg pain in general, and you’ve relied solely on orthotics, stretching, or other passive modalities for relief, but not necessarily gotten where you want to go…then this post might be just for you. This article addresses a case study where a sports physical therapist properly applies the right amount of stress and load to an active individual with plantar fasciitis so that she can compete in an IronMan.

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Squat Goals: ankles, hips, and UPPER BACK?

Many people appropriately have discussed and stressed ankle, hip, glute, and knee health for squatting, but the UPPER BACK is a key component to a healthy squat as well, especially if you're looking to load it up bigtime.  This blog post finalizes our 3 part series on reducing "pinchy" hips with squatting and optimizing your body for good, healthy squatting.  

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The Common Running Injury You Can Avoid Now

The dreaded hamstring strain...unfortunately most runners and athletes have had some form of this in their lifetime.  The good news is that it's preventable.  It just takes a little effort, consistency, and knowledge.  This post sheds light on the common running injury we've worked with and how to prevent it this season.  

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