"We help golfer's of all levels build bogey free backs and bodies so they can CRUSH THE BALL off the tee and stay pain-free."

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"When I'm hitting the ball where I want, hard and crisply, it's a joy that very few people experience." 

-Ben Hogan-


Golf Performance: The Body Swing Connection

We believe that golfers are some of the greatest athletes around.  Don't believe us?  Try engaging every muscle in your body in alternating fashion while hitting a small white ball as far and straight as you can all in the flap of a butterfly's wings.  IT'S NOT EASY!  And just like any athlete, your body needs to have optimal movement quality and patterns in order to have the most efficient, powerful, and painless swing possible.  THIS IS THE BODY SWING CONNECTION.

As Titleist Performance Institute Certified practitioners, we don't believe that there is just one appropriate way for every person to swing.  From "TPI" however, we understand that there is only one, most-efficient way for each of us to swing.  And that efficiency can only be obtained with a proper assessment, appropriate intervention, and a way to measure progress...

Wonder why you can't hit it farther or more accurately?  What about why your back hurts after?  If you don't assess, it's just a guess!


  • The pillar physical screen from the Titleist Performance Institute that will identify areas of deficiency for mobility and stability

  • Video Analysis from 2 camera angles that will tell you how you like to swing the club (Swing Characteristics)

  • 3-D Swing Analysis from K-Vest that will tell you if how you like to swing the club is efficient or not

  • Collaboration with your swing coach, head coach, golf professional, or any other important member of your team to provide you the best result (low score) possible


  • If pain is present during your evaluation, that must be addressed first. Physical therapy interventions including hands on care, therapeutic exercise, dry needling, and home programming are all potentials

  • K-Vest bio-feedback to ensure posture, swing, and sequencing are not only improved upon but actually felt in real time

  • Performance training to improve important aspects of vertical power, rotational power, acceleration, deceleration, mobility, and stability (may be performed as individual sessions or small group programs)

  • Re-Evaluation periodically to ensure appropriate progress towards goals

  • On-going communication with other members of your team including swing coaches, and PGA professionals


  • Performance based training can be performed in individual sessions by appointment or in dedicated small group programs in our golf-specific training facility

  • Location of service (including Evaluation) may vary depending on your goals: you can be seen on our premises, on location at your house, gym, or golf club

  • Pricing varies based on your goals, however, we offer 1 month, 3 month, and 6 month subscription rates that provide individuals the care they need with a consistent monthly price point

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