5 Days to 15 Yards, Day 5


#5 Days to 15 yards challenge (without swinging a club or leaving your home)

Welcome to Day 5 of the 5 Days to 15 Yards Challenge.  Here is what you'll receive on this last day...

1. A brief overview of the focus and strategy for each day to help you CRUSH IT OFF THE TEE AND STAY PAIN-FREE

2. A self-assessment so that you know where you're starting as well as a way to re-assess after doing the drills and exercises

3. The drills or exercises that we recommend following in the same order that we present them

***REMEMBER***  This challenge gives you the opportunity to win, but it also gives you...

  • More distance that makes your friends jaw's drop
  • Less Pain during and after your rounds
  • Not letting friends down for missing your tee time due to pain
  • That "feeling" that we get when the ball lands center fairway WAAAAY out there

And with that, on to the last day!  You're going to need to move back to the blues pretty soon!

Day 5: Using our Body Slings, The Body Working as a Team


Day 5: Glute-core assessment , ATTACK!, Re-assess

The glutes are what many individuals call the "king of the swing."  And that's a mostly accurate statement.  It's also what the glutes do with the "trunk" musculature as well though that ultimately gives us the healthiest, most power packed body for the golf game.  Typically, in golf and in everyday life, our glutes don't work by themselves or in isolation.  They are firing while a "team-mate" of theirs is firing as well to produce a larger action (like the golf swing).  If you want to crush the ball of the tee and play pain-free (especially low back), then focus on these teamwork drills for your glutes and your trunk.

Do this program in order and even if you don't see rapid changes in day one...you'll know in a couple of weeks that you're getting stronger.  

1. Cook Hip Lift (Single Leg Bridge)

3 sets of 6-8 on each side, 3x/week

2.  Low Plank with Hip Extension

3 sets of 4-6 reps with rest between each rep, 3x/week, if unable to low plank, try a high plank (push up position).  If unable to high plank go to all 4's (hands and knees) and try to extend one leg out at a time (for questions please contact me as this is a challenging drill)

3. Tall Kneeling/Half Kneeling/Step Up to Out Progression (Personal Favorite!)

5 reps of each position that you're able to control and perform properly (work up to last point in progression), 3x/week

4. Single Leg Romanian Dead Lift

3 sets of 6 each leg, 2x/week, a weight that you can control and maintain posture and balance


That completes the 5th and final day of 5 Days to 15 Yards.  Make sure to re-assess your glute and trunk strength (and your swing speed) after attempting all of these and then save this link some place safe so you can access for future use!