5 Days to 15 Yards, Day 4


#5 Days to 15 yards challenge (without swinging a club or leaving your home)

Welcome to Day 4 of the 5 Days to 15 Yards Challenge.  Here is what you'll receive everyday...

1. A brief overview of the focus and strategy for each day to help you CRUSH IT OFF THE TEE AND STAY PAIN-FREE

2. A self-assessment so that you know where you're starting as well as a way to re-assess after doing the drills and exercises

3. The drills or exercises that we recommend following in the same order that we present them

***REMEMBER***  This challenge gives you the opportunity to win, but it also gives you...

  • More distance that makes your friends jaw's drop
  • Less Pain during and after your rounds
  • Not letting friends down for missing your tee time due to pain
  • That "feeling" that we get when the ball lands center fairway WAAAAY out there

And with that, on to Day 4!...Only 2 days to go....

Day 4: Using The Ground to Develop Power


Day 4: Leg strength assessment, ATTACK!, Re-assess

The goal from the video above is to be able to hold 50% of your body weight total (so 25% in each hand) and do 8 repetitions on each side while keeping an upright trunk.  To work up to this, you'll do as much weight as you can under control for 8 reps, 3 sets.  

The key to generating effective power in the swing and clubhead speed capabilities is to utilize the ground.  I always tell people, "imagine how much power you would be able to generate if you were swinging on ice skates?"  It would be tough, thus we want our body to respond to the ground the best that it possibly can.  How do we utilize the ground?  By getting stronger legs, healthier ankles and hips, and being able to react with the ground as effectively as possible. 

Do this program in order and even if you don't see rapid changes in day one...you'll know in a couple of weeks that you're getting stronger.  

1.  Assessment Becomes the Exercise, Weighted Split Squats

3 sets of 8 at the most weight you can do under control up to 50% of your body weight, 2x/week

ex: if I weigh 200 lbs, the goal is to be holding 50 lb dumbells or kettlebells in each hand and doing 8 reps 

2.  Quarter Squats to Heel Raise Explosions

3 sets of 4-6 reps, 2x/week can be done without weight but moderate weight preferred (Can also use dumbbells or kettlebells holding at sides or holding in front at chest)

3. Lateral Lunges with Trunk Rotation

6-8 reps each side, 2-3 sets, 3x/week

4. Pallof Press Shuffles

3 short, choppy, controlled steps 3x out and in facing each direction


That completes the 4th Day of 5 Days to 15 Yards.  Make sure to re-assess your leg strength (and your swing speed) after attempting all of these and then save this link some place safe so you can access for future use!