5 Days to 15 Yards, Day 3


#5 Days to 15 yards challenge (without swinging a club or leaving your home)

Welcome to Day 3 of the 5 Days to 15 Yards Challenge.  Here is what you'll receive everyday...

1. A brief overview of the focus and strategy for each day to help you CRUSH IT OFF THE TEE AND STAY PAIN-FREE

2. A self-assessment so that you know where you're starting as well as a way to re-assess after doing the drills and exercises

3. The drills or exercises that we recommend following in the same order that we present them

***REMEMBER***  This challenge gives you the opportunity to win, but it also gives you...

  • More distance that makes your friends jaw's drop
  • Less Pain during and after your rounds
  • Not letting friends down for missing your tee time due to pain
  • That "feeling" that we get when the ball lands center fairway WAAAAY out there

And with that, on to Day 3!...

Day 3: The Pelvis is the Epicenter of Your Power


Day 3: Pelvic rotation Assessment, ATTACK!, Re-assess

The key to generating effective energy transfer is the separation of the upper and lower half.  In order to do this in the golf swing, we need to be able to isolate one on the other in space before it will become automatic when we swing.  If you can't separate the pelvis from your upper half (especially in the transition phase of the swing) then you're body will likely move as one piece limiting power potential.  

Do this program in order and then re-test the assessment above to see any acute changes.

1.  Deer in the Headlights

10-15 reps of each component, activate the glutes and feel the pelvis rotate

2.  Bent Knee T-Drill

10-15 reps, focus on your breathing and control

3. Trunk Supported Pelvic Rotation

10-15 reps, 2x/day...keep golf posture with chest/sternum supported by foam roll/object

4. Step Up and Through

10 reps each direction with some "ooomph"


That completes the 3rd Day of 5 Days to 15 Yards.  Make sure to re-assess your pelvic rotation after attempting all of these and then save this link some place safe so you can access for future use!